»To live is to change,
and to be perfect is to
have changed often.«

J.H. Newman

How can you lead
to success?

What matters most in times when the world seems to be spinning even faster?

As managing director of IESE Business School, Rudolf Repgen supports entrepreneurs and managers. He also advises family businesses as well as corporations based on over twenty years of experience in leading and developing international management programs.

»Leadership is about achieving
greatness by bringing
out the greatness in others.«

Alexandre Havard


Every situation demands its own answer, usually starting with the individual.

With executive coaching, I support people in finding their way to sustainable decisions, whether personal or strategic.

As an advisor, I help businesses gain an overview and act in complex situations. What are the options? What can be improved? More often than not, solutions are already there. However, identifying and implementing them in the best possible way remains challenging and requires creativity and openness. Creativity needs dialogue. Advisory enables dialogue. This leads to learning beyond the present day, for the people involved as well as for the company.


I cooperate with Designing Talent on the key topic of »learning«. Designing Talent uses a novel Design Thinking approach to place learning and creative problem-solving at the core of leadership and talent development.

To be able to build on personal preferences and strengths, I work with Human Content. Human Content is a leader in practice-oriented »Big Five« personality assessments.


I acquired an MBA from IESE Business School in the two-year Global Executive MBA program. I am a fully qualified lawyer and completed a journalist training. For several years, I worked in management positions in the media industry. Since moving to IESE Business School in 2002, my focus has been on executive education for top management. I also support companies, foundations, and individuals in jointly implementing programs and partnerships with IESE.

Additionally, I lead coaching projects for the first management level on the Barcelona campus and I mentor EMBA students on the Munich campus. An active and socially committed community of alumni is part of the IESE's »DNA« and I support these initiatives, especially in German-speaking countries.

Management is becoming more driven by technology. For me, one of the core questions of our future is how technology can benefit humans within companies. This is one of the issues I deal with as member of the advisory board for the Fraunhofer Academy and the Academy of the European Technology Chamber. I also lead a joint program for Mittelstand companies of IESE Business School and Fraunhofer Society on the entrepreneurial potential of Artificial Intelligence.